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Rental Arbitrage vs. Buying


New member
I'm renting out a bedroom in my current house on Airbnb and want to expand. I already have one mortgage so adding a second property is a big step. It would be less risk to rent and then Airbnb and I could also get up and running much faster. I'd probably need to save for a couple more years before I could buy another property to Airbnb and that's if I start living on Ramen and Cucumbers.

Is rental arbitrage worth it? I'd much rather buy but maybe, since I'm not in that position, I should suck it up and do rental arbitrage until I have enough money to buy another property?
On another post you said that you live in your Airbnb and just rent 1 bedroom. I guess that means you have 2 bedrooms? Another idea might be to sell your house and buy a bigger house or a property that has multiple units. Just one alternative idea to growing that you may not have considered!


I don't like the idea of renting to rent. But that's just me. I'd rather wait and own the place. I like Ashley's idea, too!