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Reported to Airbnb for Dirty House


New member
I've gotten all 5 Star Reviews but my streak is about to end.

I have a guest who is furious about the condition of the house. Unfortunately, my previous guests were my worst guests yet and they left the place a COMPLETE disaster with trash and sand and spills and stains everywhere. We had a same day check-in so only about 3.5 hours to clean and do all the sheets. It wasn't enough time to make the place perfect.

I offered the guest a refund if they want to check-out early but they refuse. They said they are going to stay the full time and complain to Airbnb to ask for a full refund because the space is disgusting. To be clear, it's definitely not as clean as it could/should be, but it's not disgusting.

We probably deserve 4-stars for this stay. We'll probably get 1-star. And it's not even our fault- it's the fault of the previous guest who left the place a disaster.

What should I do?