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Schlage Connect Smart Lock vs. Schlage Encode WiFi SmartLocks


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Smart Locks are by far the my favorite purchase for making my life easy as a host. Being able to change the access code from guest-to-guest with a smartphone app is amazing. That being said, I'm considering changing my setup.

My old setup:
My new setup:
Installation of the Schlage Connect Smartlocks is simple and I love the locks, but managing them remotely is a different story. You'll need a Smart Hub that communicates with the locks and then an app that communicates with the Smarthub. This works similar to WiFi but it's a separate signal altogether (Z-Wave or Zigbee) and like WiFi can have trouble getting through walls and metal objects.

Unfortunately the Smarthub's Z-Wave signal will not reach 1 of the 4 doors in my property. I've tried signal extenders, repeaters, and everything else. Our WiFi signal, however, makes it through the entire house.

The new Schlage Encode WiFi Deadbolts eliminate the steps of needing a Smarthub and a 3rd party app to control all of these locks. It connects directly to WiFi and you can control the locks and up to 100 codes from the Schlage Home app.

I'm anticipating only 2 downsides of using the new Schlage Encode locks:
  • They don't look as nice and no Brass color option exists (that's the one I use)
  • Less customization options
The RBoyApps implementation through Samsung's Smarthub takes a little DIY toggling, but if you can get it working and the signal reaches all of your locks, you'll have a lot more customization options at your fingertips. If you operate a large number of properties it may be worth figuring out any Z-Wave or Zigbee ordeals so that you can automate in bulk. However, I'd urge anyone who isn't technologically inclined to choose an alternative because this setup is NOT one of those "it just works" scenarios.

For the Schlage Encode I plan on keeping a WiFi enabled tablet in a locked closet that our cleaning team can access. When they're turning the property over for a new guest they can change the codes if need be (or make sure they work). I call that amish automation- let technology do the heavy lifting and keep people on the ground connecting the dots!

What locks do you have? Do you like them? How do you think the Schlage Encode locks compare? And lastly, do you think there are any better alternatives worth considering before going full steam ahead and making the purchase?
I use the Schlage keypad lock:

It's not as high-tech as your solutions, but I don't need high-tech... I need something that works. Since I have cleaners that clean the property each and every time it's easy enough for them to change the code for the next guest so that's what I have them do.

I've considered upgrading to these Smartlocks you linked but as I'm sure you can tell from my name, I don't mind going the low-tech route!


I have physical keys with a lockbox. I want to upgrade to a Smart Lock. Will look into Schlage options but I also heard that August lock is really good and Yale is decent too.